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Eat Mediterranean Diet and Achieve that Great Body You Dream About

45% of the world’s population is considered fat according to health experts. In recent surveys by universities, clinics, health organization and consumer groups have revealed, again that more and more people are getting fat and will be fatter after a few months. The survey’s results have revealed that after a 5 year time the population who will be diagnosed as obese and will increase from 29% – 38%.

Because of this, creative people have thought of a way to earn money with ways to help these people in shape. It didn’t take long before diet pills, gym promos, slimming dress and other methods of a ‘quicker way to lose weight’ have risen.

Even cosmetic surgery offered fat reduction surgeries to desperate clients. Still, with all these stack of so-called ways to get fit, the numbers of persons classified as fat or obese continues to rise. Why is this so? Aren’t the experts doing what they are supposed to?

In Spain, where fast food has become a preferred consumable meal than home cooked meals, health officials are now worried about the effect of constantly consuming food rich in preservatives and oil. Health experts in the country have started a revolution against unhealthy food and replace it with the healthiest diet plan in the world known as the Mediterranean Diet.

The Mediterranean diet has been in the planet even before the modern ages. It has been the normal, day-to-day meal by the people living by the Mediterranean Sea. The diet consists of healthy fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits, fish, white meat such as chicken and occasional red meat. This combination of fresh and healthy meal courses enables the consumer to absorb vital nutrients and just a fraction of fat compared to the popular fast food meals.

The Mediterranean diet has been considered as the world’s healthiest diet with the Korean and Japanese diets. Because of this recognition, more and more organizations havecome up with the researches and studies about the Mediterranean diet’s effectively in mitigating diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes and many more. Even it’s just a simple meal, the Mediterranean diet has become a world favorite in terms of effectively and health wise.

If you want to achieve a body of a bikini model or a six pack abs like a male model, try out the Mediterranean diet now. Browse through our pages here at www.whatismediterraneandiet.com and be amazed how good these delicious meal we have here. It’s a stress free and very effective diet plan that anyone can enjoy.