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Mediterranean Diet: Secrets to Longevity For a Healthier Living

What is Mediterranean diet? This is usually the common query for those who are unaware about this diet plan. Mediterranean diet has gained its popularity since the 20th century and known to be the modern nutritional recommendation patterned from the cuisines of Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece and parts of Middle East.

Nowadays, there are many types of diet that people choose in order to either lose weight or gain weight. However, it is still advisable to seek first the consultation of physicians and nutritionists to know one’s overall health status and which diet plan is appropriate. Mediterranean diet comprises of balanced consumption of the following: low in saturated fats, high consumption of mono-saturated fats and high in dietary fibers.

There are scientifically proven studies why this dietary plan is believed to effect health longevity by many experts. Not only does this diet suggest some helpful weight loss tips but contributes significant health beneficial elements which are listed below for everybody’s information and guidance.

Recuperative Benefits

As aforementioned, Mediterranean diet is a healthy combination of balanced food components with the beneficial contribution of antioxidants to our body good for neutralizing oxidizing compounds found in the system. These oxidants are considered waste products because they are produced when our body converts food to energy.

When these oxidants accumulate in our body, it accelerates the aging of our cells and if this happens, our body is made vulnerable to major diseases.

Foods rich in antioxidants are green leafy vegetables, brightly colorful fruits and wine that are encouraged to be consumed in moderation- these are mainly the highlights of this healthy diet regimen.

Reduces the risk of obesity and higher chance of weight loss

This kind of diet regimen is beneficial for everybody particularly for those who are into maintaining their ideal weight and those who are persistent in losing excess fats. This diet plan does not restrict certain classes of foods unlike other diets but rather firmly implies that everything a person takes in should always be in moderation. Besides, the foods included in this diet are healthy such as tomatoes, capers, olives, lentils, lamb chops and the like.

Cumulative Health Advantages of Mediterranean Diet

Aside from being the best way to lose weight and its beneficial health effects to our body, Mediterranean diet appears to be effective and essential over time. An individual that continuously adheres to this diet regimen will likely increase his or her body’s stamina and other physical attributes as well as extending lifespan longevity. No need to sacrifice the palate just to go on a diet. Keep in mind though that consumption should always be observed in moderation.