What Is Mediterranean Diet
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Mediterranean Diet: Your Best Option For Longevity

What is Mediterranean Diet

Health experts from around the world are constantly on alert with more and more people, young and old alike getting unhealthy and fat. Various groups and institutions are pushing for healthy diets, proper exercise and lifestyle change. When reducing fats to achieve a healthier weight, nothing beats a balanced and hearty diet. And among the world’s best known dietary plan is the Mediterranean diet.

So what is Mediterranean diet? Actually, there’s really no single specific set of meals that comprise the said diet. The way of preparation and choice of ingredients has been there for ages, long before the term was coined. It’s patterned after the dietary habits and day to day meal of the people living in the Mediterranean region such as those along southern European countries. The world practically noticed that compared to other races, these people have a longer life span and were less prone to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and even cancer. And diet was pointed out as the main reason for such fantastic health reputation! In other words, people from the Mediterranean countries have relatively lower cardiovascular mortality than those in northern Europe or the United States, as shown by research.

What makes the Mediterranean diet so healthy is that it entails a high intake of healthy fresh green leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes, lots of fruits, fish and other seafood, and a very limited amount of red meat products, moderate amount of white meat like chicken, and extra- virgin olive oil. Meat is served only on very significant occasions! This potent combination of fresh and healthy meal courses can make you absorb all the essential nutrients rather than the fat. If these key components still don’t enhance your risk of surviving heart problems and cholesterol- related diseases, what else could?

Certainly, a diet low in saturated fats offers the best protection against cardiovascular diseases. The presence of mono unsaturated fatty acids in either extra-virgin olive oil or nuts decreases the chances of those at risk of heart attacks or strokes suffering either event or dying of a heart condition by 30%. The risk of those consuming this diet regimen for having a stroke was greatly reduced. This is according to research done by health professionals.

It’s a known fact that most saturated fats come from animal sources like red meat which raise low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or “bad” cholesterol levels in your body.  A well-balanced diet low in salt, saturated fat and sugar is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. So if you want to know more what is Mediterranean diet browse our page. There are a variety of ways to prepare these simple delicious meals that you can serve anytime- for breakfast, lunch, dinner, even for snacks. Surely, you’d be proud to serve such not only for your family but also to friends and guests as well. It’s a stress free meal plan that anyone can enjoy. Just visit our website if you want to know how to prepare various recipes using fresh healthy ingredients.