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What is Mediterranean Diet free

What is Mediterranean Diet and What Foods are Included?

What do you know about Mediterranean Diet? Perhaps you know that it is a healthy diet, mainly composed of fibers, low carbohydrates and low fat foods, high protein food and foods high in mono-saturated fats. You must be looking for other information about Mediterranean diet that’s why you’re here on this page. You must be asking yourself what food could have been included on the Mediterranean Diet. So what we’re going to give you is some info about that.

Here are some foods that can be found in a Mediterranean diet:

• Eggs
• Fish
• Dairy Products
• Whole Grains
• Poultry
• Olive Oil
• Fresh fruits and vegetables
• Sweets
• Red Meat

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You might be wondering what specific food included here. What are those vegetables and fruits exactly? What whole grains? What kind of fish?
Actually it depends on what specific country a food is available. If you are to consume or follow a Mediterranean diet, it’s up to you to choose which food from what country that suits your food preference. If you love mackerel or tuna, then those are included on this kind of diet. You just have to figure out what those healthy foods are. Or what healthy foods are mostly eaten in countries around the Mediterranean Sea like Italy, Germany, Lebanon, Czechoslovakia, Austria, France, among many others.

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